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Centennial Lodge # 84 A.F & A.M.

We are Centennial # 84, an assemblage of Masons duly congregated and to all appearances just and upright men.

We came to dwell together in unity on January 26th, 2002, through the consolidation of Emulation Lodge # 84 and Centennial Lodge # 151, for the noble and glorious purpose of divesting our minds and consciences of all the vices and superfluities of life.

We meet on the level, the second Thursday of every month, to act by the plumb and part upon the square, for such has been adopted and practiced in every regular and well governed Lodge from time immemorial. Agreeable to the designs laid down by the Supreme Architect of the Universe, we meet in friendship and brotherly love.

We assemble plain and unadorned. Sincerity and plain dealing distinguish us. We regard no man for his worldly wealth and honors, since it is the internal, and not the external qualifications of a man that make him a Mason.

We come together to share faith in God, hope of immortality, and charity to all mankind by cultivating assiduously the noble tenets of brotherly love, relief, and truth, applying ourselves to the service of Masonry with freedom, fervency, and zeal to unite men of every country, sect, and opinion, and conciliate true friendship among those who might otherwise have remained at a perpetual distance.

Welcome brothers to Centennial Lodge # 84 A.F. & .A.M., I want to welcome all brothers who want to have a masonic experience and fellowship in the Denver area, we come from a variety of backgrounds such as military, law enforcement, scouting, just to name a few. We are young and old, new and seasoned in masonry.

For those that have not been in a while, for those that live busy lives, for those interested in knocking at the door, we meet the second Thursday of every month for dinner at 6:30 pm and meeting at 7:30 pm. We meet once a month, and have events through out the year. Come and join us at Centennial Lodge # 84.

W:.Bro:. Allen Rutherford, P.M.