On line payments


We are offering this on line payment system as a convenience to you in paying your Degree Fees, Lodge Dues and or Grand Lodge Per Capita payments. There is a cost for processing Credit Cards and we are passing these costs onto you as a service fee.

Currently the service fee is 2.9 percent plus 30 Cents, which is added onto your changed amount, so we net the correct amount. Thus if you change say $100.00 your card will be run for $103.30 of which $3.30 is the service fee.

Our payment processor is https://stripe.com and it will appear on your Credit Card statement as “www.centennial84.org” and you should get an email also. Please note that we don’t store your Credit Card details and we only pass collected details along to stripe via an encrypted link for processing then we receive a Credit Card was run successfully or it was declined. We don’t keep trying to charge and we don’t store number so that can be used later.

We can only accept Lodge Dues and or Grand Lodge Per Capita payments for members that need to pay for the current year only. If you are needing to pay for prior years please contact the Lodge Secretary for the total amount due and he can run an off line transaction if required.

By using the on line payment system, you agree that until the payment is in the Lodge’s Bank account it’s not paid this function normally takes about four to five business days to complete. Also you will contact us before you go to your Credit Card issuer if there is a problem as we can refund monies without fees but a charge back costs real money.

The receipt of the payment even in our bank account will not be applied until the Lodge Secretary approves the monies and if for any reason he can't except the monies it will be automatically refunded to you. The Lodge Secretary and the Colorado Book of Constitutions are the ultimate authority.

On line payments for

Lodge Dues and Grand Lodge Per Capita

This is the most common option for the vast majority of our members. Currently Lodge Dues are set at $20.00 per year and the Grand Lodge Per Capita is $65.00 set at the budget session held on the first Saturday of August each year.

The total amount due would be $85.00 and adding the service fee of $2.85 the total charge would be $87.85

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